Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Hope for 2013: The Post E3 Conundrum

For the first year since they had live broadcasts on G4 and online through GameTrailers, Gamespot, and the like, I didn’t watch E3 as it happened. Partially because I was dead tired from attending 2 back to back conventions, but the real reason was lack of interest.

What is there to get excited about when the majority of the talk centered on sequels and trilogies? How can I be happy to see the same footage from The Last Guardian that has been pushed for three years running?

E3 really is having an mid-life crisis of not knowing what to do with itself.

Because the world is ending in 2012. XD
What I want to get at is my hope for what is to come in the gaming world for 2013.

It’s obvious to all by now that the companies are pushing for new gaming systems. The hype over the 360, PS3, and Wii has cooled. The Playstation Vita and 3DS haven’t been selling as well as anticipated (probably because they hold gimmicks that don’t withstand the test of time).  And while I think there is still a lot of potential in the PS3, Sony is wanting to move forward and ignore their “10 year lifecycle” resolve to create something new. My poor PS3. You were just getting really good and they want to chunk you already. /comforts

So, here is my hope for 2013:

Drop the gimmicks. The 3D fad (as I predicted!) is dying out again. All of those televisions, glasses, and ads telling you to convert didn’t really work. Because people aren’t buying. It’s a neat trick, but it never lasts.

Support for current gen consoles. One thing that I know still pisses off a number of us PS3 owners is that our PS2 games don’t work. Unless you got one of the really early systems, there was 0 backwards compatibility. Please, please, please we beg of you (SONY) devs to make your old stuff work on the new stuff.

Reasonable price ranges. It’s obvious that the economy sucks world-wide. A $499 price point for a brand new system is not going to happen. No one can justify the money. We want to see new technology, yes. But we’re not idiots. We know that a lot of stuff is cheaper. If they can make a phone with the same power as a 360 at a tenth of the cost, you can too.

New games. I’m tired of the sequels, the trilogies, the quads, and the endless line of the same stuff over and over again. We need new blood. We need something to bring life back into our industry. I was happy to see Xbox Live offering development tools to starter companies, but it is just the beginning. Expand on that idea. Allow for creativity to develop and thrive through sources outside of your immediate circle. Help promote this with more tools being made available to indy developers. We want more Limbo less CoD. Ok maybe I want more Limbo and less CoD.

Stricter punishment against the rule breakers. A lot of this ties in with the issue of females in gaming and the harassment that occurs on a daily basis to everyone when you go online. We report them and most of the time nothing happens. There need to be consequences and action taken against the harassers. Teams should be created within each online dept that focus on handling harassment cases to weed out the legit ones from the “pranking my friend” which could easily mark the joker with a temp ban to teach them a lesson. It’s time to start cultivating a better environment for all gamers.

Most importantly, stop giving us crappy E3 shows. We don’t have many here in the states and we’re turning to Japan for our gaming news. Quit failing and go back to the old ways when it was fun! At the end of the day we are your consumers, not the business/tech show groups that show up for the free booze.


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