Friday, June 29, 2012

Prototype Studio Cutbacks

Another studio is looking to go on the brink of extinction. Radical Entertainment, under Activision, the team that created Prototype, is going through staff reductions. As posted on their Facebook page yesterday afternoon “We're very proud of what we achieved with the PROTOTYPE franchise, but unfortunately, the Blacklight virus didn't spread as far as it could.”

Which is true, Prototype didn’t quite take off like they had expected. It probably didn’t help that Infamous came out the same year and had a better marketing program surrounding it. They look like really similar games, but they’re not when you get to the core.

Radical E. also developed The Simpsons: Hit and Run (one of the few really good Simpsons games), some Crash Bandicoot titles, and the Scarface game.

I think the article conclusion best ties it in that great reviews really do mean squat. Apparently a lot of the titles from Radical E. were rated 80 or higher on Metacritic. That says… a lot. You can have a great title but it people don’t buy it then you don’t survive. Radical E. will be releasing the PC version of Prototype 2 as scheduled, but will no longer be working on new titles or any internal projects, instead focusing on Activision’s products where needed. You hate to see it happen, but that’s how the world works sometimes.


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