Wednesday, June 06, 2012

WB Interactive Finally Gets It

Because I've said it a few times before, video game based off of movies tend to suck.

WB Interactive has now realized that with their poor showing of games last year, Green Lantern and Happy Feet Two, the “movie games” this year for The Dark Knight and The Hobbit will have nothing to do with the films! Huzzah!

The Avengers game is going that same route as well. Which means more content for us and less rehashing of the same material over and over again.

WB Interactive is one of the few studios that have made movie games sort of worked. They have pieces of the Arkham games, the Lego games (even I have to admit these are fun), and Mortal Kombat. Ok the last was a buyout, but roll with it. The studio wants to take the marketing on high-profile movies and spin them into the games providing more behind the story type of content then what we typically see.

Even more interesting is that they are pushing forward with the Wii-U where other developers are being more cautious. 5 new games are set to release on the Wii-U within the upcoming year and are being showcased at E3. They are also looking to invest in the digital markets, again for more advertising to hype up big movie releases.

It’s backwards thinking for the convention, but it’s what the system needs right now; a jolt to the norm. This could actually work in WBI’s favor. I’d much rather play a Hobbit game that wasn’t a word for word retelling of the book, or Batman that wasn’t a shot for shot match with the movie.


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