Monday, July 09, 2012

And All Shall Fear "The Void"

This is the most ridiculous image ever.
Which is why it's not real and from the parody site

We’re reaching for an article today in the Huffington Post.

It’s loosely, very loosely trying to tie in religion to Final Fantasy and that the fans worship as a religious aspect. I know I have sold my soul to Square a long time ago. They own it and will never give it back. I’m a fan to be sure. But to worship it? That’s a little much.

How am I a Final Fantasy fanatic? If the cosplay isn’t enough, how about having to own every copy of every game in mint condition? Does that work? I’ve estimated the worth of my collection once before. Now that I have it completed (thanks to a very lucky find of the original FF6 JP release never opened-NRFB!!!), I don’t want to think about its current value. It might make me want to sell it.

I have a deep respect and understanding for Final Fantasy. It takes a lot of the classic Hero’s Journey concepts and creates mystical realms of fantasy and science fiction, and flips them. It also has a great theme of friendship that a lot of us try to bring into our lives. I’ve bonded with a number of people over our fandom of Final Fantasy. It teaches us a number of values that we can incorporate into our lives. It provides us with comfort when we’re down, and gives us hope for a better future…ok this really is sounding like a religion.

*throws hands into the air*

Praise Jenova!

But I don’t see any of us as religious worshippers to Final Fantasy. Sure we have the fan fictions and the crazy art, but we don’t bow down to the creator and think of him as a god…damn.
Yevon symbols? Yep. Totally an Angel.

Yeah we do. We buy anything that Sakaguchi and/or SE makes.

Ok so maybe we worship Final Fantasy. It’s not a traditional religion where you go to a church, have your communion, and go off to pray every Sunday when it’s not the Super Bowl or Indy 500. We have message boards and convention gatherings discussing the logistics of a lifestream and why the hell they can’t remake FF6 already.

I’d imagine if there were a church of Final Fantasy it would be like this:

The holy sanctum would be in Japan because that is, of course, the holy land. The building would be a replica of Balamb Garden (because that is probably the most church-like without really being a church building from the franchise).

Sakaguchi would, of course, be sprawled across every wall in multiple art forms from acrylics to pixels. His apostles would be Uematsu, Tanaka, Kawazu, Amano, Terada, and Nomura. All would, of course, have their own pieces of art representing them throughout the building. I’d imagine Amano’s would be filled with beads.

Kneel before Zod!
Services would be yearly because for many of the members, they don’t live in Japan so a weekly trip is just out of the question. But to piss off the non-Japanese members, they’d make it weekly anyway.

For sh*ts and giggles, Sage Sundi would hold the services, giving us a nod and a Kupo to start us off.

“All rise. With a choco and a kupo, praise be to Sakaguchi.”

“And all shall worship him with our crystals.”

Of course we would have to have a sermon about the logic behind Kefka. There has to be a sermon explaining how he fits into the paradigm. He’s just too nuts to make sense; he makes the other villains seem normal.

(I realize that if there is a hell, I’m going straight there.)

Ok so maybe Final Fantasy is a religion. At least we have interesting discussions about life, promote friendship, and are tolerant of other people’s beliefs. Name one religion that does that AND practices it.

This was not at all how I planned for this blog post to turn out. I wanted to talk about playing Halo 4 this past weekend. Oh well! There’s always tomorrow.


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