Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Random Gaming Facts

Today is just one of those days. The thoughts are swirling with no place to go. Or rather they don’t want to leave and therefore I can’t create a comprehendible sentence. So! I’m going to throw at you all some very random facts about video games.

Legend of Zelda: The first game you could only carry a max of 255 rupees. That was the maximum value of an unassigned 8-bit integer, and more then that would require more memory, which wasn’t an option back then.

Link’s Awakening, Dr. Wright aka Will Wright creator of the Sims appears in a house. The advisor for the SNES game as well as Sim City brought him to life.

In A Link To The Past, there is a portrait of Mario inside the house in Kakiriko Village.

Speaking of portraits, Final Fantasy 7has a painting of Hironobu Sakaguchi inside a home in Rocket Town. And Darth Vader in sillouete form appears in the Spirits Within movie in the window of a dilapidated building. Not a movie, but it counts!

Faz Chodat gets an honorable mention for using his cell phone on a plane to play tetris. He got 4 months in jail as his punishment.

The human gene chromosome 7 use to be named Sonic. Until the science community had a change of heart and dumped the “comedy” names.

For more Sonic news, Sonis 2 was the very first game to have a simultaneous worldwide release date.

Scarface: The World is Yours, didn’t use Al Pachino, but the man did pick the voice actor Andre Sogiluzzo to be his sound-alike.

Anyone remember Golden Axe? Well the screams used were digitized versions of screams found in First Blood and Conan the Barbarian (the Arnold S. version).

Or how about Capcom’s first mascot? It wasn’t Megaman or Rockman. But Captain Commando. He was more of a superhero in a blue/white suit, but people were not responding to him as well as Megaman.

Toshuyuki Takahashi holds the world record for pushing a button on a game controller 16 times per second. Some notes say it’s from an Xbox, but my vote is it’s a keyboard of Playstation controller.

Command and Conquer: Red Alert was heavily censored and altered in Germany. Hitler, who was central to the plotline, was completely removed from all cutscenes. And all the soliders? Well they became cyborgs.

Starcraft is the first game to have physically made it into space in 1999 by Mission Specialist Daniel T. Barry.


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