Thursday, August 30, 2012

MGS...The Movie. Queue the Collective Groan

Does no one read my rants? Ok yes. I rant quite a bit, but I was hoping that someone out there would get it.

Well be prepared for disappointment kids.

They’re trying to make a Metal Gear movie again.

It was attempted back in 2007 but never got off the ground. Seeing the results of other video game movie adaptations, I’m glad that it didn’t.

Avi Arad, who you all probably don’t know but he produced Spider-Man, is the one trying to get this rolling again. Avi goes off to say that video games are the comic books of our current gen. Followed by the need for the movie to “take [their] time and tell the story with all of the nuances, ideology, cautionary tales needed.”

They announced this, alongside a Columbia Pictures logo (Tomb Raider), at a special event in Japan for an anniversary of the series. And Kojima is completely on board. So maybe there is some hope for this mess after all.

To his credit. Arad was the chairman, CEO, and founder of the Marvel studios for the movies. He’s been a producer or exec producer on Blade, Iron Man, and the X-Men movie series.

But that was at Marvel. Since leaving he’s produced Man-Thing and The Bratz Movie.

No director has been announced yet, but Kojima made it perfect clear that Uwe Boll will have 0 involvement (Bloodrayne movie. That’s really all I need to say). Ok so another point for MGS.
Needless to say, I’m concerned. First off, no one can play Snake. No one. Kurt Russel “might” be able to pull off MGS4 Snake, but MGS Snake was inspired on Escape from LA/NY Snake. So there are obvious connections. It’s not just the look. Given enough make-up and skill, anyone could look like Snake. MGS Snake, that is. My biggest worry is the voice.

We know David Hayder as Snake. There is no question about it. He IS the voice. Highly inimitable. But not easily matched. Anyone else portraying Snake would be…wrong. I don’t know how else to put it. We want Snake to be the Snake that we know and love and that’s David. If we can’t transplant David’s voice into the actor, then it’s not worth going through with the project.

“What about the Japanese voice actor?” No disrespect to him. He is a fine man and does a fantastic job. But even people that I know that are outside of North America know David Hayder as Snake. He’s become synonymous with that role. It has to be his voice or no one at all.

And of course my other fear is that we’ll get a “known” actor in to the role like Markie Mark. Whalburg. You’re a good actor, but you’re not Snake. You never have been and you never will be.

I’m going to “try” and keep an open mind to this because Kojima will be heavily involved, and Kojima does not like to produce crap products. So to the all powerful master Kojima, please don’t let us down.

I wonder how they’re handing the Snake copyright issues. Video games were one thing, but movies would be another. The Escape from LA/NY guys are probably not going to be happy about this.


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