Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pay or Shame on Facebook

This seems to be a trend that’s catching on. Shaming people into paying up for late fees and past-due fines. NTTA, the North Texas Transit Authority has a list on their website of the top offenders for unpaid tollway fees. They won’t post your address, but they will publish your name and zip code (as if the power of Google is so little that you couldn’t figure out where they live from there).

A video store in North Carolina is trying the same tactic to get them to pay up. And so far it’s working!

"It's hard to replace an $80 video game if the first time you rented it, they don't bring it back,” Christie Ross, owner.

And it makes sense. That’s not something easy to replace when you’ve made 0 profit from it.

Of course people are complaining that they were never notified and all that. It might help if you stopped giving incorrect or disconnected phone numbers and invalid addresses. That’s part of NTTA’s problem right now. People that owe money are no longer at their place of residence so they’re not receiving the notices.

No one has filed a lawsuit yet, but assume it’ll happen. Retailers getting back at the customers! How much longer until your think EA starts doing this with Origin and TOR subs from bounced credit cards?


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