Friday, August 03, 2012

The Gaming Bar

Boasting thousands of
console and arcade games.
I’m sure we have all mused about it at some time or another. A bar for us adults and video games. No kids allowed in our arcade!

They have one in Las Vegas called Insert Coin(s). Considering it’s in Vegas, major use of the double entendre. A surgeon in Minneapolis, MN wants to expand on that success by bringing the bar to their city. They’ll be renovating an old nightclub to mimic the style of the Vegas version, and will boast a gaming library of thousands of gaming titles. The surgeon is co-founder/owner.

This isn’t like the Dave and Busters model. The revenue generated focuses more on drinks and tips and less on the machines.

I like this quote he makes about it being a “stimulation” experience versus having a drink and playing games at home. Oh so many double entendres. So many…
I'm not feeling the "hip" vibe.
And this is modeled off the
Vegas version.

I just want to point out the pictures they used for the Vegas club, it looks really dull doesn’t it? I mean, I’m not saying they should deck it out in Xbox 360 or PS3 colors, but man. It looks like a boring club and more like a bland dining hall that just happens to have a lot of video screens all over the place. I don't think the concept is a bad idea, and it seems to be successful in Vegas. I'm not a fan of the decor.


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