Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Wreck It Ralph and Licensing

Chock full of gaming greats!
I didn’t realize just how many “real” (and I use that term figuratively) video game characters would be involved in the project. Just take a look at this still image and it’s kind of staggering. This seems like the type of movie that will pull a Toy Story by tugging at the memories of us big kids, while still being enjoyable for the little ones.

The producer, Clark Spencer, was honest about some of the troubles they faced when importing these characters into their movie, but as a whole gaming companies were receptive to the idea.

“We went out and met with people in person, which I think is the key. When people came in for E3, we would actually meet with all of the companies and talk about the movie. From the very beginning we said, 'We want to be authentic to your character. What we would like to do is put in an approval process.”

And that seemed to really help the movie take shape. The fact that Capcom, Nintendo, and others said “ok,” and were involved in the process gives this movie a nice little touch that now I want to see it and see how well these characters were interpreted.
Poor Q*Bert. I know no one plays your game anymore, but
panhandling for FPS games is not the way to go.

Of course the story is still going to focus on Wreck It Ralph and his desire to no longer be the villain (bah! Being the bad guy is more fun!), but to see these other characters makes it feel like we’re part of the video game.

This might be the ‘other’ video game movie that we’ve been waiting for.
If it helps any, a lot of the voices from the video games are also in the movie. Kyle Herbert (the DBZ voice announcer) has been playing Ryu from Street Fighter for years and voices him in the movie. So is Roger Craig Smith, the voice of Sonic. Oh, and Mortal Kombat characters. We just made this movie rated M!


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