Thursday, August 09, 2012

You Know…

Even NPR is getting in on the action! Tom Gjelten of Talk of the Nation held a discussion with Amy O’Leary from the NYTimes to come on and discuss her article as well as issues concerning the video game culture for women.

O’Leary doesn’t stray too far from her piece, but gets the main points across. Gaming has grown in the last decade and has become much more social. A lot of those social aspects put women at risk for unsolicited sexual advances, harassment, and verbal violence.

O’Leary’s response is to report them and that Microsoft really does pay attention to that area of Xbox Live. It doesn’t feel like it, but they do. Apparently. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone get a banned, let alone a warning, when I’ve reported them for verbal harassment.

But it’s another piece to the conversation that’s making it’s rounds online and IRL. We’re seeing more people get involved. That’s a good thing!

Oh. The meaning of the title. That “phrase” if you wish to call it that was mentioned 31 times during the broadcast! I don’t remember it being a Northern thing, but wow. Let’s add that to the wall of words people overuse such as “like” “um” and “totally.” I feel like a mall girl from the 1980’s. >.>

Example from the captioned version of the discussion:

O'LEARY: Well, you know, it's interesting because, you know, these are really the actions of individuals. And I don't think, you know, any of the corporate entities that, you know, are involved in gaming, you know, are quick to defend that. You know, we know that Microsoft is taking a serious look at this issue based on a series of - these series of recent incidents and that they're looking at ways to improve their tools right now. We know that there is, you know, an increasing presence of gaming conventions where this is being discussed.

No! We don’t know! That’s why we’re talking about it! Gjelten was just as guilty of this as O’Leary.

Second Aside: I’d like to be able to Google “Women Playing Video Games” and not get slammed with promo images from Nintendo or women in their underwear playing. How about a real photo guys?


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