Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mass Effect Journal 1: What’s up with the eyes?

I realize that gaming technology has come a long way that even in the last 3 years with the same consoles it has vastly improved. But man. The eyes for humans in Mass Effect weird me out. If it’s like this with some of the aliens I might just focus in on this throughout the entire play-through.

Hey Shep.

Um. Shep…?

Ok, look. The NPC is right in front of you. Why are your eyes going so far to the right that they’re rolling back into your head?

I’ve gone through the paces and created my Shep. I stuck with the male model and opted to not go for a custom look. I want to use the Shep that BioWare designed. Objective gaming go! Yeah it might not be “as personalized” but I’ll still make the story my own and select choices that I feel will best suit my game-style. As such I opted to be an Infiltrator. I like using tactics and looking for hidden areas, and being more of a ranged/sniper versus hand to hand combat. Though I’m really more of a medic but in a group setting like this where I’m the only “living” human playing, I like having control over the team…and shooting things in the head.

So after about 16 minutes of dialogue and setting up my character (even with Final Fantasy I’m still not use to so much dialogue) we started the first mission. Eden! Looks nothing like the photos. Oh right. An “ancient” alien race is attacking to get this spike thing. Ok. Let’s roll!

What the hell are these puffy things that glow? *shoots at it and watches is explode* Hurrah! I got one guys!

“These creatures are harmless” says the generic military NPC.

Oh. Whoops.

Too late now. *shoots another one*

“Enemies up ahead!”

Sweet. Let’s start playing with the buttons. Awh hell. One guy went down already? Either he was a wuss or these are real dicks. *5 seconds later* He’s a wuss. Progressing the story by killing random NPC’s that I’m suppose to care about but don’t really!

First off, I had the tutorial option on because hell if I know what the buttons do. Short of smashing them and seeing what happens. I found out really fast that, that was the best way to learn. The “guide” was of no help before or during battle. I fiddled around and figured out for myself what everything did. It wasn’t until after the fights that the pop up note came up and informed me about the bumper wheels of weapons and abilities. That would have been great 3 minutes ago, but I already figured it out. Thanks anyway.

I also found out that the “hacking” thing needed to open up special doors and areas requires you to be ridiculously fast. “This is very easy to open.” Well apparently not unless I have the speed of a cheetah. I realize that there are skills that I have to build up but that seems silly to label it “easy” but not be able to crack it open without having lightning reflexes. I also don’t understand the item system, if there is one. I get med packs and I can use them and these thermo gels, I believe, that help open said locked doors but I never seem to have enough of.

One thing that I’m already annoyed about with the game is lack of information. I have to stumble around to know what’s going on. I might start caring as the story progresses, but why should I give a flip about humanity being a part of this galactic alliance, and finding this spire, and me being the only hope. I just want to get some bacon and chill out in a space port. I’m sure it’ll get better (or at least I hope it will) now that I finished the first mission I’m able to walk around, talk to NPC’s, and get some of the back story. That helps! I’d like to have a reason for why I’m doing the things that I’m doing.

So I’m not very far into my first play through in terms of content. I spent a lot of time running around, getting accustomed to the controls, and shooting at the puffy, glowy, sheep things. My banter about the eyes should be entertaining in the audio. :D


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