Monday, September 24, 2012

Mass Effect Journal 10: Thank you auto-save.

I’m going to start this journal with a question: Why did I stop last time?

I don’t even know. I got off the tram thinking that I would have more bugs in my face. The map in the game menu looked pretty expansive. So I saved it and called it a night. Instead it was a series of very long talking scenes on Saturday morning. And I wasn’t in the mood for the talking stuff. But whatever I have to do this to move forward, then I have to do it.

So talking we go! And more talking! And more talking… I think this officially beats out KOTOR for most talking scenes ever. How many choice dialogues can I have at this rate? Next time I’m playing the asshole. I don’t care. I want to be a jerk-face. Being nice gets boring sometimes. Even if it does weasel me out of more money, at least it’d liven up the convo.

I spent about 2 hours running around in circles doing the fetch quests. Talk to this person, and then this one, and that one, and then go get this item. Let’s do something random! I haven’t been back here to this secure door yet. What’s this about? I have to hack in? Ok.

*pushes the buttons* Yea! Secret area time! And then stuff is shooting at me. And I got a large chunk of negative points. Oh crap. Bad move. Entire base is out to get me. Um…hide?

*smacks the Start button*

Awh come on. I can’t reload a past save while the “good” bad guys are out? Oh please tell me auto-save kicked in. I haven’t saved in a long time and I don’t want to spend another 2 hours running around this place starting over.

*resets the game*

*waits on the loading screen*

*gets a drink of water*

Ok load saves. Please let there be a recent auto-save.


I have to kill that Asari biatch again but that’s fine. That was just before I decided to go rogue on the station. Doc, here’s your meds. Thank you for the key that goes downstairs. I’ll just ignore that backroom up here. Off we go! *shoots a bug in the face* And………………that’s it. It feels like it’s taking me forever to get through this area but that’s probably because this is a very important section of the story that shouldn’t be overlooked. But ugh. I want to get back to shooting at the bad guys. I know I could leave the area and hunt around, but I know very well that my ass probably will have to make the long trek back up. No thanks.


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