Friday, September 28, 2012

Mass Effect Journal 12: It’s Mountainous!

This game should be renamed Mountain Effect. Everywhere you go there’s a large ass mountain in your way that you have to get your dune buggy over. If only it were so easy. Those little boosters that help you jump really don’t work. It’s just perseverance and stamina to climb over mountains to your destination. I must have spent 8 minutes climbing one last night. Just ONE out of the hundreds.

Only to reach your destination, touch a fallen satellite, and learn that your electronic skill isn’t high enough. Well f. Thanks.

The one that really ticked me off was this ice planet. It wasn’t just mountains. It was mountains on top of mountains. Steep as could possibly be. So really you have to drive around and hope you find a slope that would let you go up without sliding back. There was no flat patch to go around it. You HAVE to drive up one of these mountains to get to the stuff on the other side.

And what’s up with putting the gang lord’s base on the top of the highest mountain of them all, in the blinding ice and snow storm, of course. I ended up muting about a third of the way through the drive. The pounding sound was really difficult to listen to for an extended period of time while mountain climbing.

And then let’s shove some turrets up there while we’re at it. So when you reach the top you have to knock them out asap. But you can’t really drive around and dodge the incoming attack. If you move, your ass rolls right back down the mountain and you have to climb it. Again. Double f!

Last gaming run was all about questing. I’m tired of that Journal/Codex box blinking whenever I open up the main menu. Let’s get some of these out of the way. More xp. More loot. More random comments from my NPC buddies.

Garrus is quite a complex alien, isn’t he? He seems to be about justice and doing what’s right by condemning the horrible actions of others. At the same time, he thinks it’s necessary sometimes to skirt the system in order to achieve your goals. So, let me make sure I have this correct. You want me to follow the rules and not follow them at the same time? Explain please. Dartanian doesn’t know how to make you like him if you contradict yourself.

Ah well. All the ladies love Dartanian. That’s what really matters.

“I don’t like the aliens, human lady. We’re cool.”

“I’m going to make sure you get a kickass gift for your clan, helmet lady.”

“You are strange, and awesome, and we’re cool together blue-fin head.”

What a charmer!

I have found that while doing these fetch/kill quests, more have cropped up. :/ This is, pretty much, defeating the purpose of what I was attempting to accomplish. I was hoping to grey some of these out. Instead, I managed to complete 6 missions and gained 4 more. Well…bleh. lol More stuff to do I guess but I was hoping to get these cleared out and back onto the main story. But I can see how people get caught up with the game and take dozens of hours to complete it.

I’m at roughly 20 hours gameplay time. I’m not certain how much more of the primary storyline I have left. I’m still going after the bad guy. The matriarch wants me to find a spire, or a satellite, or something. I can’t remember at this moment. She gave me coordinates and I spent the rest of the time killing bugs. :D I felt I was being productive for the story.

So Dartanian is back to surfing the galaxy. Next round I need to do something completely random and liven up these journals.


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