Monday, September 17, 2012

Mass Effect Journal 3, 4, and 5: We’re still on the fing Citadel

I had to roll this into one journal. I felt that breaking up the Citadel into 3 sections would be too kind.

I’ve been told that the layout and transportation design in the second and third game is much better. But for right now, this place sucks. Even with the quick transit system (with the worse overlay graphic ever), you still have to run around quite a bit. You still have to take the ridiculously slow elevator. You still have to hunt to find NPC’s for quests. Pointlessly time consuming. And knowing myself, if I’m given a quest I want to finish it before I leave the area. Well guess what? I apparently can’t ever leave the Citadel. I think I bugged the “Scan the Keepers” quest. I’ve visited all 21 and one either didn’t scan properly or flipped out when I scanned it, because it’s open and will never be finished. So lame. All that running around for nothing. Yippie. -_-

“But it helped you learn the layout.” Not really. There are too many odd corners and everything is so spaced out that I was still relying on the map to determine my location.

On the other hand, I now have a lot of context (probably too much) for story. Things are starting to make sense. Who these aliens are, why I need to do this, how I have to handle that, etc. Now I can go out and start saving people and aliens from all of the bad guys!

I’ve also started acquiring my crew. Yea! I’m missing one person. Not entirely sure who but meh. Tali is awesome. The rest are cannon fodder. >.> Sorry Garus. You go be decoy. Tali and I can handle the rest.

So after 9 hours and 3 login’s I was FINALLY able to leave the station, even though I had to abandon Scan the Keepers. It just won’t be completed and I don’t have the energy to restart the entire game just to get this one quest done. Oh well! I’m sure the Keepers will thank me later.

BTW, what is up with the Keepers? They maintain the Citadel and we know squat about them. Ok. I feel completely safe letting them handle this place. Yep. Totally comfortable with them.

But that doesn’t matter. I now have my own shiny ship to play with. Time to check out the other areas that I didn’t bother with, or couldn’t access befor…awh crap! ANOTHER ELEVATOR? This is the future right? Why can’t these things go at lightning speed. Or where’s the teleportation? The elevator at my local shopping mall is at least 5 times faster. So much for that. I guess I’ll have to get use to doing a lot of waiting.

I opted to keep moving forward with the diplomats suggestion and find the matriarch’s offspring at a dig site. We need to keep the story rolling. Just like the Citadel, it’s all about exploring, because the game doesn’t like to point you to the exact planet you need to visit. Nope. You get a system and a wish of luck. So exploring I went. I found some lost data files, minerals, and a giant bug. No idea if I’m anywhere near the story point, but I am glad to finally be out of the Citadel.

Please don’t make me go back there! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! >_<


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