Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mass Effect Journal 7: I’m Scanning Ma!

I’m sticking to my Spore Space comparison. The way you navigate through planets and scour for resources is a clone of Spore. And knowing Spore, that’s a great way to make money and pick up rare items. Time to start spamming the Scan option!

*scan, scan, scan*

Yea shinies! As if I wasn’t already overpowered enough with loot. Now I have more! :D

*scan, scan, scan*

There aren’t even any enemies to disturb me from my scanning. Or if there are, they have yet to come after me. So I’ll just keep at it for more items, rarities, and monies!

*scan, scan, scan*

Ok. Enough of that. I’ve hit every planet I possibly can. If more open up later, then the scanning will resume. Let’s get on with the story. After the Matriarch!

So whatever this port is that I landed at, it’s full of ice and snow. No one likes Shep because he’s a Specter. Well…damn. Wasn’t one of the perks of the job to be admired to a degree? Thanks for the lies mister ambassador. I’m back to being a smelly ol’ human.

Maybe the local law in this area will be of help?

“Have you seen this woman?”

“Yeah. But we don’t like you. But let us tell you everything we know about this woman. You can’t leave without a pass though. Here’s where you get it.”

Oh RPG’s. How I love you.

That’s about as far as I got. A lot of spacing, running, and talking.

*scan, scan, scan*

My feelings about the game so far? Predictable. I’d like to see how in-depth the story will go because right now it seems like a lot of fetch questing, whether it be physical items or information.


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