Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mass Effect Journal 8: Don’t Fear the Reaper

Shep almost died last night.

And for a dumbass reason too. The dune buggy got stuck in ice. Rocket + buggy boost = flying into a rock. I couldn’t move it. The geth and their turrets were pummeling the vehicle. I jumped out hoping that maybe I could get un-stuck, which half worked. The buggy was no longer going to blow up with me inside. But now my team and I are on the rocks not able to move.


But this apparently meant that none of the Geth could aim their weapons to hit us. We were able to coast along without a single shot connecting. And luckily Garrus had a line of sight that allowed him to take out a couple of the enemies, and I could pot shot the rest.

Whew. An unfortunate event that ended up a happy accident.

So how did I get out of the crag of cold ice? I jumped back into the buggy and stated smashing buttons. Yes it’s silly. But it worked. I was almost at Peak 15! I didn’t want to have to roll back to my last save point wayyyy at the beginning. So now I’m over-saving. Thanks Mass Effect. -_-

But I made it to Peak 15. And after locking the scientist out on accident (there’s a reset for your NPC buddy but not your vehicle?) the change in pace with combat was welcomed. All of those dialogue scenes were getting a bit heavy. Heavy as in “zomg that’s a lot!” Not heavy as in emotional/dramatic/story heavy.

The rest of the play session should be pretty obvious; lots of shooting, exploring, and being cold. I decided to take a break after jumping on the tram. I have a feeling I still have quite a bit of a way to go before I meet up with the Matriarch. Scientist lady…I hope you’re worth putting you into my party. I lost out on some awesome people because of you and you are making me regret my job choice. Two party pistol wielders yea!!!!!!


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