Friday, September 14, 2012

Monster Hunter Movie From RE Director. Probably.

Awh crap. Someone stop this man. Or stop Capcom. Or…well I don’t know who to stop anymore. All of them?

Paul Anderson, the director behind the Resident Evil movies, may be getting another Capcom franchise to work with into a movie: Monster Hunter. It’s not confirmed yet, but strongly pointing towards “this is going to happen” territory.

On the one hand Monster Hunter is pretty open for story possibilities. There is a thread connecting all of the points together, but it’s not a story set in stone like Resident Evil. So any deviations Anderson may have wouldn’t be a bad thing. The concept is you, the gamer, are a rookie hunter setting out to make his mark on the world. Seems very open to play with.

On the other hand, Anderson might piss off the gaming community again. Monster Hunter may be a “build your own story” type of game, but there are a lot of nuances and features that make Monster Hunter what it is. If they’re removed from the movie then what would be the point of the adaptation?

On the other hand, there is Anderson and he went wild with Resident Evil. I still attest that he’s cheating the movie audience as well as gamers out of a real horror RE experience. (Again, for the umpteenth time I’m not saying that the RE movies are bad. They have been able to maintain and grow their audience in their own way. But to link them to the RE games is a bit of an insult. The movies work best when you think of them as a separate entity.)

On the other hand…oh wait. That’s 4 hands. Too many!

I’m not against a Monster Hunter movie or that Paul Anderson wants to take charge of it. But I do feel like we need to have a pow-wow with him and make him understand what we as games and we as movie attendees want to see. It is possible to merge the two without jacking up the game franchise.

Can you tell that I’m tired of talking about video game movies? Unless it’s Ace Attorney of course. Anyone interested in working with me to come up with our own? You know it’ll kick ass. :D

Though while I’m on the subject of RE, who’s ready for RE6? Hell yeah. Chris vs. Leon. And the woman with the impractical wardrobe. Lady, I know you’re one of the primary antagonists, but that scarf is not a good idea during a zombie/sickness outbreak. One grab and you’re done for. Pretty sure they won’t care that you are their “creator” when you could be a meal.

What’s up with Capcom and illogical clothing for women? I’m currently working on a Rose costume from Street Fighter 4. There is no way in hell a real woman would wear that to fight in. It’s completely restricts your movement! I don’t care if you have a magical scarf.


I’m seeing the connection. Rose is the woman from RE6. O_o Ok what about the 3DS RE game, the operative that gets killed off in the first 5 minutes. Not just impractical clothing but hair too! What military program allows for such crazy hair? Even Jill’s would be too long for most branches.

But anyway. RE6. Chris and Leon are getting old. Leon might want to trim the hair down. He’s looking a little too rugged to still be sporting that style. Then again I’m half expecting for Chris to pull a Lethal Weapon, Danny Glover move. “I’m getting too old for this sh*t.” It’s good to see that the series is expanding the story. Characters get older. I don’t think Mario will ever age, but we do expect it from Chris, Leon, Ada, Jill, and the dozens of other characters.


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