Monday, September 24, 2012

That Other Art: Theatre

Because it has to come full circle, we’re going to start seeing more video game translations into the theatre. But this is a bit different. “Build” written by Michael Golamco and directed by Will Fears takes the story of two gaming pioneers who get back together to create their dream game. Sounds familiar…

Kip is the down-trodden one, who lost his wife and built this MMO world to escape his reality. In doing so he develops a very advanced AI (also acted out on stage) to keep him in this fantasy realm. Will, his buddy, is the businessman trying to keep Kip’s head on straight while attempting to please his company. It’s a struggle between Kip and Will (Kip wanting to keep the game to himself and Will wanting it to be released for monetary purposes. It’s always about the money).

The playwright states that the story is about how these developers are artists. When do they allow their creation to be released to the world, or do you keep it to yourself? The use of video games was ideal to the “story’s theme of art, love and learning to fight for and let those things go.”

It’s an original concept, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see more video game franchises becoming plays and musicals. Look at the recent string of campy films from the 1990’s being re-envisioned into theatre. Sister Act and The Adams Family come to mind.

If you’re in the LA area, “Build” will be at the Geffen Playhouse starting October 9th. And if you do see it, let me know how it rolls. I’m curious about it. Not so much to buy a plane ticket and fly out, but curious enough.

Just imagine.


The Musical.

It would be epic.


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