Thursday, September 13, 2012

We're Playing The "Let's Play" Game!

Ladies, gentlemen, and gamers.

I’m trying an experiment. It may not be new, but I think this will be unique.

You know all of those “Let’s Play ‘Such-and-Such’ “ videos? I’m not a fan of them because it’s people playing games that they know and probably have a strong attachment to. They give characters voices and piddle around for 50 videos. Great way to get more of your content on YouTube.

But I find them boring. What’s the fun in watching someone play a game that they love and know by heart? If it were to get secret items in the game or to show tips on how to beat a particularly hard boss, that’s one thing. Then it would be one 10 minute video.

The ones that I get enjoyment out of watching are when they are playing “blind” i.e. have never picked up the game, ever. These are typically the rare titles or smaller games that don’t get a lot of exposure, but I like to watch these because we get a genuine reaction out of people. We get to see them as they stumble through, make errors, and find enjoyment in ways we didn’t experience.

I decided to give this a shot. But instead of picking an obscure game that a handful of people would be aware of, I wanted to go after a big title. Something that even if you haven’t played it, you know the name, and have a rough idea of the story and/or the characters.


Mass Effect.

Yep readers. I have never played through Mass Effect. Which is why I don’t dump on it like I do with some other games *coughscallofdutycoughs*. (Ok seriously. I have no issues with the original Call of Duty games. It’s just getting a little stale and needs new life.) I lasted 10 minutes, and I don’t recall making it past the character creation screen.

It came out at a bad time where I had at least 4 titles I has been looking forward to, that released on or around that same date in 2007. Mass Effect got stuck into the pile and now I’m rounding back to finally play.

Why Mass Effect as my first choice? Other than being harped on by dozens of friends and family, I think I’m at the point where enough of the hype has died down that I can sit back and actually appreciate the game, and approach it from an objective standpoint. Do I have some bias going in? Of course. I know that it’s a BioWare game and I’m a fan of the KOTOR series. I’m fully aware going in what to expect in terms of story and making choices to influence what happens with the character. That’s about it. I don’t know a thing about the plot or how it plays out. I know there are some aliens that join your team. And yeah…that’s all I got. Go me!

But the bias comes from expectations that I have for BioWare. And of course outside influences. (Bro. I know you think it’s an awesome game. Let me play it first.) I’ll try my best to be open-minded and not allow the thoughts of others to alter my way of playing.

Now the downside to this is that I don’t really have the equipment to record the video of me playing, short of taking my photo camera, pointing it at the tv, and letting it go (I have the 360 version). I’ll be doing this in a blog format, posting thoughts from each game session, and will be recording audio of myself as I’m playing. I’m still working out the logistics for the audio portion. Listening to audio of me on YouTube is probably not the most entertaining thing in the world when there isn’t any video to watch. I might set my camera up to take screen shot grabs as I play and interweave them into a video format.

We’ll see what happens~

For the regular readers I’ll still have daily gaming news and musings. But I hope this is a feature some of you will enjoy.


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