Thursday, September 20, 2012


The studios of Microsoft are keeping busy. Calling in on some of the power heads of Hollywood, they are branching out to create more television programming and turn the Xbox empire into an all-inclusive entertainment machines.

Nothing in the article notes what type of television shows they will focus on, but it’s safe to assume that it’ll be something similar to how Sony works with their PS3 content like The Tester. I’m sure some shows will be exclusive to Xbox only, and will branch out to include more content from NetFlix and Hulu. Possibly even combining multiple aspects of entertainment to tell one story (the game, the show, the movie) that we as users of said Xbox can determine what happens next. Syfy and Trion are working on a concept for that right now.

Microsoft doesn’t seem to be shy about shelling out money for this endeavor. While Sony is releasing a slimmer PS3 and Nintendo a Wii-U, Microsoft wants to make you feel good about your original Xbox 360 investment, with tv shows! As long as the content is better than The Tester, then we’re good.


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