Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Skipped Ahead And Now I Feel Your Pain

For all of you Mass Effect fan boys and ladies out there, I finally understand your pain regarding the ME3 outcome. I know the story summaries isn’t quite like playing the game, nor is surfing YouTube for cut scene, but wow. BioWare done fudge stuff up.

I’m probably being too forward to go after the story on something I haven’t played, but I’m going to interject anyway. I don’t have an issue with the hero dying at the end of the story. It happens. Not everything can come out rainbows, roses, kittens, puppies, and lollipops. Bad stuff happens. A lesser man, or woman, wouldn’t have sacrificed themselves on the altar of destiny (or creepy synthetic machines) in order for others to live. Whatever choice you make, it’s going to be brutal and Shep is probably going to die.

That’s not my issue. Now that I’ve received collective responses from others, the endings seem haphazard. A slap and dash to just stick stuff together for a release date. The influence with EA is strong in this one. It also seemed to leave a lot of plot holes wide open for anyone to fall into. Especially with the creepy ghost cyber-kid that forces you to make a choice on how to save the galaxy. Who is he? Where did he come from? Why are we listening to him? What the crap is going on here!

Well I don’t know. I’m still confused about why we settled the heart of the universe on a giant relay, and why everyone speaks American English (America, f yeah! Taking over the universe and forcing everyone to talk like us!)

And it’s not that I have a problem with companions and shipmates dying. You kind of expected it to happen after the first game, and again in the second game. It’s not original at this point, but not unexpected either. I think it’s the shear amount of companion death that gets me. For a few of them, they have been with you since the first game. Even without a romantic entanglement, you have developed some form of attachment to them. Having one of them die really sucks; there’s no eloquent way to say it. At the very least you hope that killing off Shep will at least allow your friends live. But nope. No one is safe from whatever ME ending you decide.

You can see why I’m now really hesitant to play ME2. Plot holes alone are annoying. Killing off companions I’ve spent 3 games with is just mean. But providing a very random ending, with a creepy cyber-ghost kid, to choose what color you want your beacon to be? It’s silly.

I’m still up in the air about ME2 anyway. The ending of ME1 didn’t really wow me enough to want to continue. I felt like it just ended there and Shep would walk off into the galactic sunset for another mission. Again I’m hopeful that the dialogue by being a full Renegade will cheer me up. That and blowing up more of the gas-pillow sheep on Eden Prime. Yea! Take that sheep!


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