Monday, October 08, 2012

Mass Effect Journal 14: Just When You Think You’re Done…

…they throw more at you.

So yeah. I definitely now realize that I went a bit backwards on the story. Apparently I should have gone to the weird alien plant creature planet first (the Thorian). It cleared up a lot of questions that I had regarding the Matriarch’s back story and how she and the bad Garrus got involved.

This is what happens when you give us free reign, BioWare. We end up going places that we’re too young to see, and get our asses handed to us by derelict space probes and Wompas (oh Hoth. TOR does not like you, does it?). Not that I was killed going the wrong way. I’ve only had one death, completely accidental. My dune buggy decided to glitch out as I ran over a Geth on the bridge leading back to the Thorian. Instead of going “squish” the Geth did a “flip” and took the buggy with me…and free falling away!!!~

Free Falling~

Stupid way to die: by a glitch.

But I’m also at the point in the story where I only have one primary mission left. Yea! So at least I know that I’m going in the correct direction now.

“Correct” is probably not the right word. Maybe “proper” would be appropriate? Because that’s the charm of this game; while there are limitations on where you can go on planets and within bases, there is still that essence of being free to travel as you please. You don’t have to go with the story’s intended order if you don’t want to. And it’s been fun, regardless of certain portions of the story confusing the tar out of me.

And of course after incinerating the Thorian, about 5 more side quests opened up. Mother f-er. Really? Really? I thought I was done! Nope. Apparently not. More trouncing of the galaxy. I thought I had seen everything. In fact, I know I have. I wouldn’t have managed to finish up all of those galaxy-esque quests of finding resources, and dog tags, and lost Prothean symbols.

Ahh screw it. I’m going to keep going. We’ll just make this a new save. Save #173.

Yeah, after my first near death experience (also because of a glitch!) I save every time. Whenever I explore an Anomaly, pick up new equipment, or talk to a pet, I stop and save. It’s ridiculous. That should be an achievement. “Save Hoarder. Save the game over 200 times.”

Speaking of over-saving, who else has been saving just before convos to test out multiple responses? I’m going full Paragon as best as I can (I’m sorry to that one civilian that died when trying to get to the Thorian. I’m still not exactly sure how that happened). But I wanted to be an asshole for at least a few convos. Is that so wrong? I’m sure Wrex would appreciate the change in character.

Asari lady trapped in the Thorian: “So, will you let me go?”

Me: “Nope. Time to die. *shoots* “

All companions: “Was that necessary? She didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”

Me: “Not to worry! We’ll just pause and reload. Just let me have this tiny little streak of crazy for a few minutes, ok?”


Me: “You can live and help these people rebuild.”

*saves game*

*5 minutes later, back on the ship*

Me: “I’m not going after that nuke, sir. Clearly it’s a trap so you do it.”


*10 minutes later*

Me: “Hey. I was right! It WAS a trap.”

Ok. I really didn’t intend to channel Admiral Akbarrrr there. I’m just pointing out the obvious.

That was the weekend play session. Sunday was NiGHTS day. I haven’t had a chance to play since the re-release went live earlier this month on Xbox Live and PSN. I needed a mental break and wanted to not deal with mountains that take me 20 minutes to climb. And colors. Pretty, PRETTY COLORS. I swear they tweaked Twin Cities I don’t remember it being difficult to traverse.


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