Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mass Effect Journal 15: V-Rock

The station of rockers and Vice City alum; and it apparently makes for a great soundtrack for Mass Effect. Twisted Sister starts up as you push your way through a line of Geth, to open up the gates on Virmire to the stranded Salarians. Nothing gets my blood pumping like Ozzy Osbourne and Iron Maiden while shutting down a cloning plant. Not to mention the banter from the DJ and the commercials. Oh the commercials. Vice City had the best radio stations of all GTA games.

Lazlow, you are an awesome voice for a GTA Generation.

Back to Mass Effect: this was the first time where I was faced with a game-altering dilemma. If you need a spoiler alert, here it is.

Someone is gonna die!

I knew it the moment that the options were presented to me. I had to consult my boyfriend to ensure that my suspicions were correct. Yep. Pretty much; I was going to let someone die. But who?

Option 1: Kaiden. The guy with the chronic headaches and doesn’t really provide support to my team.

Option 2: Ashley. She says some funny, and sometimes brutally honest, stuff.

Humor will always win, especially when I’m spending 20 minutes rolling over mountains, I need someone to make me chuckle, chort, and giggle at their antics.

Sorry L.T. You go with the Salarians. Ashley comes with me to set off the nuke.

Interesting how a nuclear bomb is still the most powerful weapon. Not saying that I promote us, or any species, with experimenting with more firepower, but something to think about. Thousands of years of existence and the pinnacle of military technology is the nuke.

Making that choice to sacrifice Kaiden was easy. It was even easier when the time finally came to help Ashley with the nuke or to save Kaiden by disabling the AA gun. *looks at the map* Ashley is 10 steps back that way. L.T. is another 10 minutes down the road.

See ya!

Ironic that “Peace Sells” from Megadeth popped up when Saren arrived. He mubles and jumbles. I mumble and jumble (I finally got a Paragon blue choice for a dialogue, yea!). We exchange shots, and apparently Shep is a wuss and can’t fire at Saren as he fly’s away on his hover board. Jump into the ship. Away we go…

Kerblamo! Sorry L.T. Try to be funnier next time. It’ll save your life.

Of course Ashley gets pissy about it during debriefing. “Hey lady. I carried your ass back to the ship and prevented you from dying a very horrible, nuclear death. Be grateful! Military Women.” *rolls eyes*

And any extra companion points I drummed up with Liara and Tali still haven’t kicked in. I think I’m at that portion of the game where I can’t really do much else with my companions. I guess I’m getting close to the end of the road? At least I assume so. I know where the Conduit is. I just have to find it, kick Saren’s ass and we’re good.

…I’m going to have to go back to the Citadel at one point, don’t I?


"Turn Up The Radio." I’m going to need it.


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