Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Now This Is How You Game For A Cause

Gaming with a purpose! Those hours, days, months, if not YEARS you have spent playing Facebook games, there’s finally a company out there that gets it. Soja Studios started WeTopia last year. Through the social gaming force it generated over $500k for children’s charities.

Now they are releasing Joy Kingdom, a farming type of simulation but your reward is helping out real live animals. You earn points and harvest this intangible object called Joy. You then apply that Joy to one of several animal charities (everything from saving endangered species to helping small shelters provide food for dogs and cats). Soja Studios will still maintain at least 50% of the profits (of course, gotta make money somehow!) but their heart is in the right place. You have to admit, this is one heck of a way to get people involved in a game and a social cause.

This is a wonderful extension to my post yesterday. While having a game about some of the human crimes in the world today to get the message across to people isn’t bad. Joy Kingdom is taking that play time and converting it into real cash to help real animals. Something to consider.


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