Friday, October 05, 2012

Non-Gamer Haters Are Going To Hate

Of course we’re going to talk about the democrat in Maine running for senator for the state, but is getting flack from republicans, to the point where they made a website, stating she’s unfit because she plays World of Warcraft.

You couldn’t make this story up even if you tried.

It’s no worse than having Obama and Romney duke it out with Pokemon. Oh wait…

Colleen Lachowicz is into WoW. An 85 Troll Rogue. Damn Rogues. They can be dicks.

Of course, some of us gamers are supporting Lachoqicz. As my friend Jamie put it; we’re ok with Dick Cheney “accidently” shooting someone on a hunting trip. But video game violence? Oh no! That’s too severe! We can’t have that in this country.

The “violence” in Warcraft is so bare and minimal in comparison to what we see on the nightly news. This is animated, stylized, cartoonish violence. There isn’t any blood! At least I don’t remember there being blood, unless Blizzard went hardcore and we see purple goo spill out of Night Elves. I’m positive American football shows more bloody noses then you would see in WoW.

I get it though. More people within my age group with voting rights will side with her. Someone that gets where we’re coming from…about time!

I think the republicans are looking at this issue all wrong (and probably nabbed Lachowicz a few more votes). They’re centering on “Lachowicz wants violence and she says she’s for peace. She’s morally bad!” If the postings that were made online are from her, I would be more concerned about the fact that she’s playing video games at work. Money from our debt ridden government is paying her salary to play video games. Now to me, that’s a problem. While I support the fact that she is a gamer and isn’t shy about it, I wouldn’t admit to playing games on the job. I would want my elected officials to work when on the clock. Off hours, feel free to do whatever (within the legalities of what’s acceptable).

Playing WoW beats the hookers and blow that the republicans seem interested in. Oh whoops. Out of line there, was I? Well the democrats aren’t any better with their mistresses. It all equals out.

Extra cool point for the candidate. She shared a Colbert Report video on her Facebook page.


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