Thursday, November 08, 2012

Being Crazy Is a Pre-Req

No one is sane in this game.
No one.

I would like to have a normal or at least mentally sane team for just one game.
The rag-tag group of misfits is too expected, too contrived, and redundant. Whenever there is an RPG, an FPS, or some variant of an action-adventure game, your crew will always be a mish-mash of individuals, who wouldn’t normally interact with one another if it weren’t for the fact that you all want to save the world.

Brilliant! Let’s get these random people together and see what happens. It sounds like The Real World, but instead of a house in Santa Monica you have an airship trying to catch up to a dragon.

I realize these are video games and movies that are meant purely as sources of entertainment. But from a logical perspective, I don’t understand it. You would never put so many different people into one project at work and expect something to be completed, of course not. You would get like-minded individuals to plan, create, and execute a plan. Anyone who doesn’t fit with the mindset would be a distraction and cause the project to go awry. Remember all of those group homework assignments you had to do for school? Remember how much of a bitch it was to get everyone to work together when you were given 5 random people to work with who have nothing in common? I hated those projects. If I didn’t end up doing all of the work (and taking all the credit, hehe), someone else would try to act like the big boss and delegate everything, and I’d still end up doing all the work. The only time I “liked” those projects is what I was able to choose my team. I picked people that I knew we could work together AND I wouldn’t be stuck with all of the responsibilities.

Given a real world choice, I wouldn’t want Cloud’s team, or the band from KOTOR. I would want some sensible individuals that help me achieve the goals set in front of us. Would there be diversity? Obviously; no one is going to be an exact copy of me, my brain, and my personality. But I would like for us to work together and not deal with randomness, which is best achieved by having a group that have similar habits and interests. We can still have that one person who is more creative, and another that is more or a leader, and that one guy that always acts like he’s too cool for anything. But! We can be a good team if we’re all share some common ground.

Vincent, stop moping. Aeris, stop being so wishy-washy. Barrett, stop the swearing, and being so gung-ho. Cid, quit bitching and moaning. Red, quit bitching, moaning, and scratching yourself. Yuffie, stop stealing sh*t. Tifa, stay Tifa because you’re the only sensible one I have here. Cloud, get a grip on your sanity. Now…can we PLEASE pick a direction to get to the Golden Saucer?

I realize that by asking for a more normal group I would miss out on some of the humor, angst, and story complications that come with the rag-tag band of misfits. Sometimes I just want to play a game and get to the end of the story without my crew being cranky. Is that too much to ask for? Just a tiny hint of reality in the fantasy realm. Please? I don’t want Kaliyo (TOR) to keep yelling at me for doing something nice. I can’t be a complete ass all the time. -_-


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