Monday, November 19, 2012

No Wii U Here. Move Along.

Hey look at that. I’m not talking about the Wii U today. Like EVERYONE ELSE is. Yeash Kotaku. It was splattered all over your site yesterday. The first 3 pages no less! 

It’s a big deal, sure. But meh. My holiday season is filled with another year of working and paying bills. *shrugs* No special gifts for me.

Although I did snatch up ME2, ME3, and Fallout New Vegas for $30 on Amazon. Go me. It was cheaper than my resin casting equipment. That’s a sorry state on the current gaming economy isn’t it. I bought 3 games for less than silicone and clay to make jewelry. Wow.

And I just had a déjà-vu moment. Well ok then! I’ll have a more interesting post later on today, but there you go. No Wii U talk. Perhaps, another time. I want to give you all a break from the monotony.


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