Friday, November 02, 2012

Who's Your Video Game President?

I’m pretty certain that no one voting in this U.S. Presidential election will be concerned about video games. I think the current and possible future economic state, women’s issues, healthcare, and you know, non-gaming issues. Free speech usually isn’t up there for debates, until something really big is riled up.

But hey! For those that actually care, The Borneo Post (don’t ask) has compiled a list of the candidate’s position, and the former Republican runners, on video games. 

My favorite is Ron Paul’s stance. Actually a number of Texas politicians are in support of the gaming business being in our state, even though most of them are Republican and have this thing about violence and sex. You know, messing up the mentality of everything. But anyway, he’s been probably the most supportive of free speech with video games and digital media, as well as an endorser of social networking platforms. 

So if you were concerned about the presidential stance on video games, there you go.

(Note: Because I have to do this, this post is not to support any one candidate over the other. Just linking to a story.)


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