Wednesday, December 05, 2012

City of Heroes Epilogue

City of Heroes, the crime-fighting action game that allowed you to create the hero of your nerdy little dreams, came to an end earlier this week along with City of Villains. Servers went down on November 30th, but a few souls were able to stay in until December 2nd.  

The studio mentioned back in late September that they would be shutting down and terminating the game.  The reasons behind it are still in question. From a developer standpoint, CoH and CoV were still turning a profit. Not World of Warcraft or even Final Fantasy XI numbers, but still a profit. It was a small enough studio to keep going and had a very large and loyal fan base.

People took to twitter with the #SaveCoH hashtag expressing their love for the game, as well as the unexpected closure. Quite a few people are unhappy about it, because it seemed so sudden. Again, the game was still making a profit, so it wasn’t like an Age of Conan type of situation where everything crumbled from the start…until they went free-to-play that is. It maintained a very consistent user-base. I enjoyed my time playing too. I loved the idea of being your own super hero or villain and having these wide array of powers to use from. I especially loved the Ninja Minions. So cool.

My problem with CoH/CoV was the lack of interaction with other players, and some ridiculous installation guidelines. “Quit telling me I have malware. That’s my virus scanner!” But as a longer time MMOer I can understand the community’s distress. In this case, Paragon Studios completely closed their offices. The community forums that have long been a place of congregation are gone. It’s almost as though they wiped the place clean and are pretending that CoH/CoV didn’t happen. That’s why fans are not happy. You can watch the war on Twitter. Some fans are trying to get the rights sold to another company willing to keep the game going (again, for a profit!).

Well here’s to you City of Heroes. Where dressing up in spandex with your underwear on the outside makes you cool. 8 years of high-flying, ninja butt-kicking, laser eye shooting, car smashing fun.


  1. How do you find data for your future posts and which search engines do you regularly turn to?

    1. Hi there! I'll use a myriad of search engines, from Google to Bing, but I also look at sources like Kotaku, Gamasutra, and the like. Sometimes I'll use off-key resources such as The Examiner or the NY Times. As more and more media outlets are reporting on video games, there are a load of resources to use for research. And sometimes it's just a matter of hitting the pavement and using your contacts. I know a few people in the business. :D


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