Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Everything Is Offensive. Get Over It Australia And Let It Be.

Now I don’t know how legit this article is. I am not an expert in Australian politics nor will I ever claim to be. Australia has some pretty strict rules regarding video games in general. I needed to be aware of those at the very least when I worked at GameStop and they called in asking why they couldn’t buy Grand Theft Auto. But the way the article reads, they are wanting to make everything and anything offensive be illegal and punishable by the law. Um…what? The continent founded by criminals is now wanting to be the most prude society in the world. Queue the irony music!

Australia currently has anti-discrimination legislation to help safe-guard some of their native inhabitants. However, they want to bolster it and make it completely illegal to call someone a name. Any type of discrimination or defamation would be prohibited in Australia. Again, I’m having trouble believing this, but that’s what the Aussie Herald Sun is reporting.

And what would be “offensive?” Well we’re in such a touchy society lately, everything could be offense to everyone. Even saying slang terms that are inherit in Australian culture like “mate” or “walli” could be enough grounds to bring someone to court. If you thought Singapore with the no gum chewing was bad, Australia just made it 10 times worse. The Attorney General is leading the charge.

My hope is that this is not as bad as it sounds. Yes they are going to want to be more strict. It took them 20+ years to even allow for an adult game to be brought into the country legally. But to make every word potentially offensive is insane.

If that’s the future we’re going to live in, I’m going to fight until my last breath to make sure it doesn’t happen. To reminisce on a South Park episode making fun of Family Guy, someone is going to find something offensive. At one point you just have to say enough is enough. It’s either all ok or none of it is, and if we are going to let the actions of a few make up the laws for the many and prevent free speech, is that the type of world we want to live in?

And that just killed my dream vacation. Thanks Australia. I won’t be visiting anytime soon if I’m going to get fined for saying “hello.”


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