Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Junction Point Next On The Chopping Block

Disney is closing down Junction Point and releasing just over 50 game developers, including Warren Spector (a self-proclaimed Disney die-hard fan, who was also a VP with Disney). No official statements have been released by Spector or Disney, but it may have to do with lackluster sales of Junction Point’s games Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two.

The first game was an E3 show floor stopper. While sales internationally didn’t hold up, in the states the game did reasonably and a lot of people appreciated the creative drive Spector had. Mickey 2 sales and reception haven’t been as strong. Game rankings barely reached 60% and sales have not stood up, ¼ less in sales compared to the previous title. 

That’s enough for anyone to close down a studio, unfortunately. We live in a business world where money is the maker or breaker. If you can’t make money back for your work, then why should you stay up? Even with the creative strengths of the team, it’s a business. I’m more surprised that Disney booted Spector entirely. They could have easily moved him to another branch of the company and still maintain his influence.

But it is what it is. It was short lived Junction Point and hopefully you all are able to find jobs soon. Warren Spector probably doesn't need to worry. Someone else will scoop him up in no time.


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