Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Steam Box! Please Keep The Name

Gabe Newell wants to build a home gaming and entertainment hub with Valve, appropriately dubbed “Steam Box (currently the hardware is codenamed Piston, Bigfoot for the "Steam Box" and Littlefoot for the mobile platform).” I hope they keep that name because that would be awesome to hear at the store.

“I want to get that Box thing with gas?”

“You mean the Steam Box?”

Newell interviewed with The Verge earlier this week at CES about his idea. It wouldn’t be just a gaming system, but like the PS3, 360, and Wii, a console that allows for streaming of movies, television, and music. But one step further than that, Valve wants the system to be able to be used on multiple televisions at the same time, to allow for seamless integration and transition of content. The idea is not to have you put a box in every room, but allow for one box to control all of the content and let multiple people play, watch, and listen different things at the same time.

Lofty goal to achieve. Imagine one gaming system, and yet people can play different stuff at the same time on different televisions? Bold.

But sticking true to Valve’s platform, it isn’t just about the games, but creating a place for developers to converge and drive new content. From the way the interview reads, it may come out as a Linux based system (oh god it’s The Jungle again!) but! it will NOT be locked. So you can install a Windows or an Android based platform and work from there.

As a whole, it sounds like a wonderful idea. It may take a few years to really be fully developed and focused, but wow. I will totally buy a Steam Box. And Valve + Gabe are one of the few companies out there that tend to deliver on their promises. It sounds like a system worth the wait for those who want to create their own games, develop mods, and want an open community of gaming artists for a new experience. The movie streaming is just kind of a nice, and expected, touch.


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