Friday, January 18, 2013

The Insane Disney “Video Game”

Infinity is staging itself to be the mecha of Disney games, taking in the open sand-box world like Minecraft and mixing it with figurine collecting via Skylanders, Warcraft, or POG’s. Anyone remember POG’s? Good times.

The goal of Infinity is to create a better game with each title, and with 10-20 already in the works, it’s an ambitious goal. From a company’s stand-point, even with the purchase of several smaller game studios, quality has been inconstant. Too many people with too many ideas that go against the Disney brand. In turn, you get a crappy product. I’d like to say take a look at the video games adapted from movies, but let’s face it. No matter which company you go with, pretty much every video game based from a movie will suck. But the idea is that Disney will have better control over their product, and the games can seamlessly transition into their theme parks.

Disney has already announced that they are dumping over $1 billion USD into RFID chips to use around their theme parks. Embed them into the figurines and well, there you go. Real life Pokémon, kids trading their figurines in the parks, taking them home, and then playing with the character in an online world. It’s genius marketing and will keep them coming back. There are an infinite number of possibilities for Disney, but their first step is control and taking their brand name back from game developers.


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