Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We Are Gamer Haters

Tim. We don’t see eye to eye very often and while I don’t fit into any one category on your list, I approve of your post. We video gamers are an interesting sort. There isn’t any one term, or phrase, or paragraph that describes us. We are all very different people with different gaming habits.

Gamers are similar to film aficionados from casual to the hardcore. There are multiple levels or layers that make up our core. And we’re all haters. Come on. It’s the internet and media. We’re going to hate something no matter how hard you try not to. With that, Tim really hit the target with his pyramid of gaming haters. And respect for adding in The Bubble, the area of gaming haters where they flat out don’t like games either because they have never played one, or have played one just long enough to know they dislike it.

The pyramid of hate works something like this: There are 8 main categories, followed by a series of sub-categories. The Bubble being the exception since, well if you’re a hater of gamers you’re a hater. There is just no way to skirt that issue.

My category is Hardcore, which at first I wrinkled my nose (see there I go hating), but reflecting on Tim’s logic, it makes sense. Let’s look at The Pundit, the ones that blog about video games and feel that they can be a higher art form, or at least pushed into mainstream media and taken seriously.

“You roll your eyes at the mention of Yet Another Call Of Duty.”

 F. Yep. That’s me. But the description makes me sound like a prick. In fact, I fit in so well with all 3 categories of Hardcore. The Collectors are game librarians. They hold onto the past and have Dreamcast fangasims. NiGHTS bitches. That’s all I’m saying. And The Jazzmasters otherwise dubbed the self-loathing gamer. The few games you love are the ones you hold dear to your heart, which will typically be older games. The new stuff just doesn’t interest you.

You probably also love films and books, and you feel sometimes like this makes you better than any other sort of game-person. Really, it doesn't.”

Ok. I don’t think I’m better than anyone else just because I have 2 film degrees, working on my PhD and I really love to read. But that did make me feel like a pretentious dick. So, I’m a self-absorbed, old-school, holier than thou, Mass Effect 2 bad guy type of gamer hater. Thanks Tim. Nail on the head! And that wasn’t sarcasm. There is a bit of truth in that statement.

And a special mention to the Kingdom Hearts Fans as the Outcasts. Ouch. But you know it makes sense. I have to use my cosplay experience to tie this together. Kingdom Hearts cosplayers tend to come out in force. But you know what their problem is? They can never organize and are too afraid to come out and admit that they love it. So instead of pulling together gatherings and having fun-times, they roam about in their Organization XIII coats hoping to run into another character from the series. They talk about how cool it is, but they don’t have the gusto to actually follow-through with their fandom like a Final Fantasy gamer. Having said that, I get the strange feeling Final Fantasy is going to end up in the outcast category in the future. Damn.

It’s important to note that we’re all gamers and we’re all haters. 100% peace and serenity will never happen. But we need to come to a mutual respect for one another in order for the community to grow. We may not agree with each other’s habits; as a hardcore person I might not understand why we need a Call of Duty every damn year, but I’m going to still respect you for being the gamer that you are.

Gamers, we don’t want to end up like the stuck up film elitists. Some of those men and women are real assholes. I know. I’ve been working with them for well over a decade and I still subject myself to their torture. “The Avengers? An insult to modern impressionism of the elitist to pander to the common-folk for ill begotten gains.” You see why I tend to stick with gamers? We’re typically not that douchy.

Thanks Tim for giving me something to think about. I’m hardcore. Yea!

BTW, Atari US filed for bankruptcy yesterday to try and break away from their French affiliate that has been sucking money away from their glory holes. How about that for a Pundit response with satirical and sarcastic humor?


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