Tuesday, February 19, 2013

BlizzCon Is Coming Back!

The weekend extravaganza for all things Blizzard is making a return. After stepping away in 2012 for reasons we’re still not entirely sure about, they are bringing it back November 8-9 at the Anaheim California Convention Center. 

Information has barely been up for 2 hours, so if you want a ticket and hotel, it’s best to snag it now while things are still quiet. The announcement came under the radar, so there’s a great chance to get a spot now. Right now information is limited as to what the heck is going on. Assumption is that they will have panels about their new upcoming MMO Titan as well as the usual digs, WoW tournies, StarCraft, and what-not. Unsure if Jay Mohr will return as MC. His presence was always appreciated. He seems like one of the few celebrities that can have fun with it, but really enjoys hanging out with the attendees.

I’m sure the amount of feedback and response from the fans have prompted them to bring it back, so let’s make it a good one this year!


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