Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Happy 25 Years Final Fantasy - 50% Off On PSN!

To celebrate the 25 years of happy Final Fantasy gaming, Sony is offering 50% off on select Final Fantasy titles through the PSN. All digital, but the selections are pretty wide in range. For the next 2 weeks you'll find these games on sale.

Noticeably absent from the list is Final Fantasy III. -_- This may be due to the fact that it was released just a few months ago, in September of 2012, for digital download. So it's still "new" enough through PSN that it might not justify a price-cut.

Having said that, 1-2, 4 (Complete collection for PSP), 5-9, Dissidia, Duodecim, and Tactics are all on sale. So basically everything in the series released so far except 3. 3 is such the red-headed step-child it's not even funny.

I like FF3. I think it's a unique entry into the series and one of the first times where characters were given more identifying marks to make them stand out from the previous games. They had personalities and names. It may not be on the scale of FF4 or 6, sure, but it was still a fun game.

Thanks for segregating it Sony. Appreciate the love! At least the other games are at 50% off, so go buy now!


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