Thursday, February 21, 2013

I’m Not Talking about the PS4

Oh who am I kidding? Of course I am. It’s THE NEWS of the week for gamers.

Unfortunately I was stuck in a meeting so I couldn’t watch any of the live blogs or the video streaming content, so I’m picking up everything after the fact. Which also means I’m not as easily swayed by shinies and can provide a more objective opinion.

...who put that thing in the middle?
First thought: what the hell did they do to the controller? I appreciate the fact that Sony understands and respects gamers in that we like the PlayStation controller. Why jack up something that works so well? And then they gave us a touchpad in a really weird ass location, where the PlayStation logo usually is. Huh? It looks weird and I don’t know how that’s going to work for gamers. Maybe for the unassuming, it’ll be a nice little toy to play with. But for us, um, wha?

Next is bundling the system with a Kinct/Wii-like sensor so interactive gameplay will be open to everyone, not just a select few that can afford the expensive accessories. And really the sensor bar looks like the offspring of Kinct and Wii. But monochrome, because that’s how Sony rolls. They had a demo available with Media Molecule (Little Big Planet) and it seemed pretty intuitive. A lot of the Move hardware probably went into the device, which isn’t a bad thing. I’ve always thought the Move was better developed, but not really marketed as well as it could have been. And pricy.

Speaking of which, price and release date: this winter and for less then what the original PS3 sold for. No exact details yet, of course, but it’s estimated that it’ll be between $300-400. And with it being included with motion sensor controls, which would be a bargain for most consumers. Cloud gaming, near instant connection online with a press of a button, linking and syncing with your phone and other devices (shit…I have a Sony phone – I don’t want it to talk to my PS4), BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY, and even taking new trends such as streaming live game play to heart and integrating that into the system.

Downside: We didn’t see the system. Oops. Bit of a fax-paus there Sony. People are going to start pre-ordering it, like, now. You probably lost a few sales. We also don’t technically know what “type” of discs the system will play. The assumption is blu-ray since that really is the best of the best of the best at this moment, but it’s hard to say for sure. Sony has partnered with a few companies to create new chipsets, save on some space, and got the backwards compatibility thing to happen (as far as we know, please let it be true). But they didn’t divulge too much information.

What they did show was a new controller that still mostly resembled the previous ones, a new PlayStation Eye, some third-party and first-party exclusives and it’ll be out this winter. It sounds promising and I’m sure E3 will be one to watch this year.

I just don’t want the PS4 to talk to my Sony phone. That’s creepy.


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