Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Turbo Twitch

With the rise of interest in watching gaming events such as MLG, expos, and conventions, Twitch is going to start a subscription service. Turbo Twitch will offer an ad-free experience at $8.99 a month. There are other things too like expanded chat features (different font colors and emoticons), priority customer support (you move to the front if you have a problem), and a Turbo Badge. I don’t know if that’s really worth $8.99 a month, but ok.

Twitch will still offer free streaming services for basic features. So you don’t “have” to get Turbo Twitch, but it is an option. On average 2/3rds of its user-base, all 23 million of them, log in on a daily basis. A person averages about 1.5 hours of viewing on Twitch every day. It has also expanded its services to include console games, most recently Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 to let gamers watch real-time game play.

I was surprised at how fast the business was growing when I saw it at RTX (Rooster Teeth Expo) last year. It made a big statement and was providing live coverage of everything going on at the main stage. Millions of people were logging in just to watch us play Halo, and a really bad 30 minute boss battle on SW:TOR. My Imperial Agent would have done a much better job at healing, just saying. I wouldn't be surprised if they were at PAX East this year.


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