Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Comments Disabled Tropes vs Women

Gamernax took to the task to collect a few of the comments being released after the start of the Feminist Frequency series about tropes in gaming. Some are pretty brutal. After the huge troll backlash on the Kickstarter project, I can completely understand why Sarkeesian decided to not allow comments on the YouTube videos. It allows them to be more of a thoughtful piece to open debates and less of a flame war.

I'll have my own review of the first video later, now that I've sat down and watched it during a lunch break. But one thing I did want to bring up is that the horrible comments seem to be coming from those who assume that "feminism" or "feminist" means anti-male, when it's anything but. The true definition of feminism or feminists are those working towards providing equal means, laws, and rights for all genders. Yes there are extremists who want it to be a woman's only world, but they make up a small minority. But as with any group, the minority somehow have the loudest voice and people assume it's the majority.

I'm a feminist and work towards equal rights for all genders. But I do fell that it's ok for women to maintain their feminine attributes. You can be a feminist and wear heels, cook, clean, and indulge yourself in stereotypical womanly things. Just as a man can. But there's nothing wrong with crossing the gender lines. Women can play sports and be in the military. Men can be the stay-at-home parent and nurses. When we remove the stereotypes and see each other as humans, as equals, we'll make real progress.

My mini summary for the first video is it: It's a good starting point to something much greater. Ignore the trolls and remember the feminists are not all crazy ax-wielders wanting to kill all men. Most of us are pretty normal.


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