Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Feminist Frequency Video 1...and Cliffy B.

Since the video series has expended to 12 videos with multiple parts, I won’t be reviewing each individual piece or segment of the Feminist Frequency Tropes Vs. Women in video games. I do want to touch on the first video at the very least. And talk about Cliffy B. A man’s man who sees merit in Anita’s work. But wait? Cliffy B made Gears of War and all of those other very “brofriendly” games. Yep, he did. But he’s also a man with a brain and not a little boy on the internet throwing around pointless insults. He understands that the industry needs to grow up, change, and so do the gamers.

Us being bullies is counter-productive to the industry. A woman wants to play a video game and talk about it? Blasphemy!

We're the gamers, the dorks. We're the ones who were on our computers during prom. We're the ones that were in the back of the lunch room who were playing D&D instead of tossing a football around on the quad. We were supposed to be the open, friendly ones, the ones who welcomed all into our wonderful geeky circle.

We're not supposed to be a mob that's storming the gates with our pitchforks and torches.

We're not the bullies. And that's what happened to Anita.

Hey, Cliff. We agree on something. Hurrah!

Yes, we are doing a lot of talking about these videos lately, but it’s important because it allows us to grow as gamers and as people when we start analyzing the why and not immediately go into defensive mode/blame game. Our games, our future will not improve until we stop acting like little children bullying each other, and allow everyone to express and research their creative freedom.

On to the review! Damsel in Distress Part 1 is your atypical set-up on what to expect with the future videos. Under 30 minutes, so you can catch it during a lunch break, but full of nostalgia goodness. Anita even remarks that Mario and Legend of Zelda did shape her childhood and she has a lot of respect for the games, but this isn’t about favoring one over the other. This is about looking at games from a critical point of view to analyze what it’s portraying to the audience.

Are games just entertainment? Sure, but they also sacrifice good story telling by falling into traditional/stereotypical tropes that hamper it from growing. Anita’s first video is a good starting point, and I hope she really dives into deeper analysis as it progresses.


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