Friday, March 01, 2013

Gaming and The Brain - Continued

See. All of these years of posting about my family, and I was right. We have a new study out that shows how those with dyslexia gain great focus, attention, and can improve their reading skills by playing video games.  So suck it FoxNews. Positive story

The study was held at the University of Padua and the Secientific Institute Medea of Bosisio Parini in Italy. They compared current “therapy” and teaching methods for dyslexia versus playing video games. The group was divided into two, taking 9-80 minute sessions of whatever they were assigned to. The ones in the video game group improved their reading and comprehension skills without the loss of accuracy at a faster rate than the traditional teaching methods. In fact, they were a full year ahead of the kids that were in the “standard” group. That says quite a bit. I still proclaim that video games helped out my family when the schools gave up.

The full research can be accessed through Current Biology by purchasing a subscription. While the cause of dyslexia can be debated and there is no cure, as much as the schools wanted to say otherwise when we were growing up, this is a step forward in researching how video games can affect the brain.


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