Thursday, March 28, 2013

Let’s Play a Vidya Book

A new Kickstarter project reached its goal in 4 days for $10 grand taking the video game support phenomenon to a new level. Joe Booth, founder, wanted to create an interactive reading experience for kids, particularly as one who has struggled with dyslexia. He knows that reading can be a challenge for most, and video games were his savior.

The concept is simple. The product will be an iPad/iPhone ap with videos and interactive elements to bring stories to “life” in a virtual realm. Vidya Book will take elements from multiple genres, choose your own adventure, classic novels, modern action games, etc. and develop new stories. You can touch the screen to manipulate words and interact with them. What you do while reading can change the story.

The project will be released in several phases. The first is to build the initial first book and branch out from there. It sounds promising, and similar to my Master Thesis (where your interactions with the Flash project determined what happened next in the story). Best of luck to this team; it’s a promising idea but it will hit a lot of hurdles. Even with LeapFrog, not many people are too keen on books being anything other then books.


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