Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Oh Local News...Stop Being Anti-Women

I just.../sigh. I have no hope for our future if this is what we can expect from news stories and what they teach kids. At least here in the U.S. and possibly Canada. Though I think Canada is way more sensible then the U.S. could ever be.

Jason Schreier, who should be at PAX East this weekend, painfully posted this mash-up of news reporters covering a story about the Major League Gaming Tournament held in Dallas last weekend. It's brutal. Go watch the mash-up. I'll wait.

Now I'm sure you have seen this on Conan, news reporters saying the same thing and squishing it together in an agony filled montage. And if you don't watch Conan, why are you reading this blog? But anyway, here's how it works in television news. Much like newspapers, there are multiple resources available to pull national news stories that may be too big or expensive for a local paper/television station to cover money-wise. So they purchase a story from another group, such as the Associated Press (who have the funds to cover multiple stories on an international scale), and use that in their paper/newscasts. This is why we get situations such as "girls play games, wha?" segments copied and pasted over multiple news stations in different states. And why there may be the same article in the NYTimes, USAToday, and the Dallas Morning News.

Some stations can pay for the leeway where they add in their own banter, but a number stick to the script. That's why so many reports sound exactly the same in that video.

Having said all of that, it's still really stupid that national news from the AP (Associated Press) has to stoop to this for a story. "More girls play games!" Well no sh*t sherlock. Go Google the stats. It's been like this for quite a while. It's an insult to women and gaming. And the intelligence of the people of the U.S.To add additional insult, the fact that most of these stories are read by women is a bit degrading don't you think? "More girls are playing video games? This is madness!" says the anchorwoman. Anchorwomen hold an ideal version of ourselves that we want to achieve. They can be intelligent, witty, forthcoming, dominant, and still look and act like a woman. So when a piece like the "girl play games, wha?" is produced, anchorwomen are essentially shunning the girls in the way they present the story. "These girls are playing video games? Well that's crazy. It's something for boys. They need to act like little girls." This isn't the message we should be presenting to anyone.

So...Canada eh? I'm hopeful they don't have crappy news stories like this running around. But feel free to prove me wrong. Japan is the backup, even with North Korea going all crazy.


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