Monday, March 11, 2013

Our Pictures Are Better Sometimes

If you want some meat today with your gaming news, check out this article by Polygon regarding industry figureheads in the gaming industry about sexism and equality. 

Personally, I’m tired. Daylight savings time change, both Spring forward and Fall back, always messes with my head. It’ll probably be a month before I’m back on track. It hits me hard and I feel like crawling back into bed and staying there all day. And with such a long weekend packed into it, thinking is not on my priority list today.

Instead, let’s talk about the news using video game images as real-world equivalents. In particular a Danish television news station used a picture from Assassin’s Creed to show the city of Damascus. Basically no one paid attention to the source because if you look at the original image, it’s there in the bottom right hand corner where the source is. Ubisoft. Even if you didn’t know that it was a gaming company, you’re still required to check it out. But journalistic ethics and validating sources is no longer a thing that news stations want to deal with. A few people hit up the social media websites which prompted the station to take another look. Whoops!

Well at least it was a pretty image. Not like taking video game footage and claiming it’s real for a documentary. At least it’s only  a still image and not fabricating an event.


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