Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Sexism in Gaming - 12 Part Series to Release

Anita Sarkeesian’s kickstarter documentary project about sexism in video games has a release date. With the debate that ensued last year for seeking funding to create this series, we can finally see the results.

For those that hid from the internet during that period, her is the too lazy to read version: Sarkeesian is a blogger and avid YouTuber with videos on feminism and gaming. She created a Kickstarter fund to raise money and create 5 videos focusing on sexism within video games. Topics include: Damsel in Distress and Woman as Reward. The trolls came out and started bashing her and all women,   which caused her Kickstarter fund of 6 grand to blossom to over $150k. As a result, she’s expanded the series to 12 videos. And now! They are ready to be released.

I’m looking forward to seeing the results. This is the only project I’ve donated money towards from my meager bank account. You can view the series on Feminist Frequency starting March 7th


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