Friday, March 08, 2013

Sim City Update: EA Suspending Marketing

Called it. Guess what happened when Sim City launched? The servers couldn't handle it. EA is pulling marketing temporarily until the issues are resolved. It couldn't handle a room full of game reviewers on one server, what made them think they could hold millions of people at once on an international scale? They wanted to learn from Diablo 3's mistake, well they failed at that.

For those who don't know or didn't read the linked article to one of my earlier posts, the new Sim City is always online. If you want to play you have to be connected to the internet. There is no offline mode. So of course when people tried to all log in at the same time stuff crashed. But this was a crashing on an epic scale. Now so many people are in the dark, unable to play a game they have paid for. You'd think they would have also learned from the launch of The Old Republic? No? Ok then. Thanks EA. Way to be smart!

There also also reports through CNET that even if you can log in, you want to be careful. Some people are stating that the servers are not auto-saving as they should, so when the game boots them for a server reset, the hours of work have vanished. Another issues that was seen when reviewers were previewing the game a few weeks back. Hmm...I see a trend. Keep in mind that because the game is always online, saving is done online as well, similar to an MMO. So you can't backtrack to a previous save on your computer. The server is storing it and whatever happens, happens. Another down side: Other people can jump into your city and do as they wish. So if you get booted, and can't log back in for another day or two, your entire city may have been destroyed by someone else. Lame.

Appropriately, a petition has been started online to move SimCity, and future EA games, to remove the DRM rules. Because really, always online is stupid. You get situations such as this and you wonder why you dropped $59.99 when you can never access the game.

Oh, and another thing that's equally amusing. The CNET reviewer for SimCity is one of their major editors, Jeff Bakalar. He still has been unable to log in to play the game.

*claps* Keep up the crappy work EA.


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