Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What Artists Do To "Relax"

Steel Wool Games are 5 Pixar artists that use their free time to make games. These guys love their day jobs, as it says in their press release, but wanted to make some games too! The studio has 0 affiliation with Pixar. They are just 5 artists having fun.

Their first game, Flyhunter, is set to release this year. Information about it is limited, but we do have some art concepts. It looks like the main character is one of the minions from the movie Despicable Me, but furry with ears. And he swats flies. Whoo!

Okay well at least the art concepts are pretty nifty. Steel Wool Games is calling the style “grimisical.” I’m guessing grim or grime-like with whimsical. The fact that it’s 5 guys from Pixar you already know the animation style is going to be amazing to see. I wonder what the gameplay is like…


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