Tuesday, April 02, 2013

GDC 13-Inclusive Key

Today I'm going to link to a review of this years GDC (Game Developer's Conference). Why? Because this is one of the best comprehensive reviews I have read about a conference/convention/expo in a long while. By Kirk Hamilton no less.

Oh Kotaku gang. You know there is love here, one gaming blogger to another.

But the reason for posting Kirk's write-up is that it stirs up the emotions in gamers. We might finally be seeing a change in the times and trends that developers are starting to realize that we want more from our games. And frankly, we deserve more, better, and unique products.

Was "inclusive" the topic of the season? Of course. It wasn't just about women in games, but race and sexual orientation's portrayal took just as much precedence. I would love to see those panels online, particular the #1ReasonToBe with 6 female developers in the industry, and the "Rants" panel where Redshirt dev Mitu Khandaker made points about race and gender issues are one in the same - and being Politically Correct...it sounds like a rant that you have to hear to appreciate. It's also the year where GDC awards for Independent and Studio titles all converged. They're typically separated, but with the success of Journey and the Walking Dead series, they have shown to the business world that these unique ideas can really make an impact.

Is GDC still a place where high dollar deals are made? Absolutely. But seeing what has happened to the world around us is starting to jostle the system. Indie developers and gamers are seeing the potential the future has to offer. We just need to get the big names on board before it all starts crashing around us.


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