Monday, April 01, 2013

Geekin' Out The Closet

Today is April 1st, or April Fools day to anyone that cares. I see it as another normal day. Others around me, however, feel it’s necessary to play jokes on each other. I abstain from this “tradition” because it’s a nuisance. I have work to do. But because so many partake in it, I can’t trust any news sources. No, seriously. I can’t trust anything today because it could all very easily be “a joke.”

I don’t have a topic of interest today so we’re going to talk about my weekend. Why? Well its sort of geek related.

I spent my weekend cleaning out old crap. Literally crap. Things like old school papers, notebooks, dried out pens, just junk that was taking up space and really needed to be thrown out. And I’m doing this to make space for all of my geeky things. I’ve wanted to move my video game and figurines around. They’re in a nice spot, but I’ve gained more recently and they have outgrown their original home. They sound like show dogs don’t they? I have to clean them (dust them), check their cases for cracks, make sure they don’t get too much sunlight, not keep them in humid areas. My geek toys are pets! Crap.

The plus of it all is that I cleaned out A LOT OF CRAP. Most of it sitting in my living room while we wait on the 1-800-Junk crew to come in later this week to haul it all away. But seeing the closets so clean is a great feeling. Now to fill it up with more geeky crap! Yea!

I also found my Pogs. Does anyone remember those? Slammer included. Oh Pogs. You need to make a comeback. I would so own at that. “Up yours kid. I am the queen of Pogs!”


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