Friday, April 12, 2013

Mission Statement To Read

While I’m waiting on the next Feminist Frequency video for Tropes vs. Women, I caught up on a piece someone sent me from Rock Paper Shotgun. A Missions Statement on why they are not going to stop talking about misogyny, sexism, and the exclusion environment the industry has created.

Initial thought: It’s ridiculous what people are willing to complain about. John Walker had to apologize and make it clear several times that he wasn’t writing the feature to get more page views. Because sexism in gaming is a hot topic right now and people are more than happy to comment and send emails that he’s doing this just to get more web hits!


Mr. Walker, I know I shouldn’t do this, but I apologize on behalf of the internet and cynical people everywhere that you had to prove that you were being genuine in your intent.

The truth is, RPS is right. They hit on all of the points that I have been discussing lately about our community and the industry. While women do get the brunt of the blow, it’s not just us. Anyone who is non-white and male receives some form of antagonistic, mistreatment because they don’t fit “the mold.” And RPS will continue to defend them. They will still write the stories that make people question what has happened to our group.

This is my tie-in to the true gamer. When I was at PAX East, true gamers didn’t care that I was a woman. They treated me with the same respect as everyone else. Gamers, nerds, and geeks have always been an inclusive group. When the rest of the world dumped on us for not being normal, we found comradery and empathy amongst each other. So when we see someone being excluded, the true gamers stand up to stop it. That’s what RPS is doing. They see what has happened with the community and are taking a position: we do not exclude; all are welcomed.

“This use to be a gaming site. You’re just trying to get laid. It’s just for fun.” RPS covered those responses too. Because they are going to get them in some fashion or another.

Here’s the bottom line: If you are a true gamer like you claim to be, you wouldn’t make those comments. You wouldn’t exclude others from the hobby. You would stand up for injustice. We all have been picked on, bullied, harassed, and verbally assaulted for being different. Our community is the last place where we should tolerate it. If more gaming magazines, blogs, and companies followed our lead, the industry will be back on the right path.


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